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Jane Mowat

If you happen to be wandering in the area near Mount Fancy, you might come across a large fallen oak which has a carving in progress on its trunk.  This is the work of Jane Mowat.  

The carved images are inspired by the superstition, folklore and songs from Somerset, which have become a fascination for Jane as she read parts of  ‘Somerset Folklore’ by R.L.Tongue, and spoke with Jane Flood (Musicians and Story Tellers for Neroche ). 

Each village or community had their own beliefs and superstitions that they hoped would keep them safe and healthy.  If  they happened to move or marry into a new community they would have had to learn the variations of these superstitions, or perhaps invite the mistrust or fear of their neighbours (my thought!)
Life must have been a scary and difficult path to follow in pre 20th century and uneducated country life!

The carved images will show the following once completed:
A cockerel
A pair of dancing legs
A woman pouring a little water into a stream
A Green Lady
A child with an armful of lilies
A buried lizard

The list might be added to or changed over the next few weeks.

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