Neroche community history

Stories from the past...

We have been lucky enough to be able to work with a range of local people and historical experts to record recollections, experiences and other historical information from this area. Some of the stories have been broken down into short audio clips and are listed below (more will follow).

Ted Rooke lived at Britty Farm as a young boy in the 1920's and talks about his experiences of growing up on the Farm:

The Tythe Map  After Ted Left  Ted's Family  Keeping Clean  Ted's Siblings  Christmas at Britty  Getting to School  Moving to Britty



Tom Mayberry, Somerset County Heritage Officer, author and local historian talks about Orchard Portman and the Portman Estate:

Orchard Portman name  William Portman  Family Origins  Taunton Racecourse  Monmouth Rebellion


 Tanya James, Neroche Scheme  Community History Officer, explains more about the history and sites of the area:




Herepaths  Forest of Neroche  Origins of Neroche Name  Castle Neroche  Deer Parks  Britty  Playstreet

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