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Blagdon Hill, Feltham and Adcombe Wood


5 mile route with variety of terrain




8 Km (5 miles)


A varied and reasonably demanding route on footpaths, minor roads and permissive paths. It includes woodland, hills, farmland and some lovely scenery. What’s more it starts and finishes within sight of two inns. In significantly wet weather it can be quite challenging.

Pillow Mounds -remains of articial rabbit warren
Hidden amongst the woodland at Priors Park lie the remains of four pillow mounds. These mounds once formed part of a medieval rabbit warren, which is thought to have belonged to Taunton Priory. Constructed from stone and covered with earth, the pillow mounds were used as artificial warrens for farming rabbits. Rabbits were useful animals: their meat was delicate and well-flavoured, their soft fur made fine leather and warm linings for winter clothes, and rennet from their stomachs could be used to make cheese. Further field surveys have also identified the remains of a small hamlet at Hawks Moor. A collection of derelict structures are all that remains today of this small community that once farmed the surrounding woodland hillsides during the 18th & 19th centuries.

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Roadside near Balgdon Hill Village (Map ref.ST211 182)

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